Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Nia is an artistic visionary who works in music, film, and TV, bringing their visions to life through the power of storytelling. With a diverse portfolio that includes roles as a recording artist, top-line songwriter, music producer, actress, and teleplay writer, Nia has a unique ability to tell stories that resonate deeply with audiences. Her illustrious journey in the arts has seen her mesmerize audiences as the former Young Nala in Disney’s Tony Award-Winning Musical, The Lion King on Broadway and share the limelight in films with stars like Queen Latifah, Dolly Parton, and Keke Palmer.

From affiliating with SESAC Atlanta as a songwriter in her preteens to being recognized as a Semi-Finalist in the prestigious John Lennon Songwriter Contest, Nia’s commitment to her craft is evident. Venturing into her solo odyssey, Nia channeled the spirit and essence of classic R&B legends. Her music, a harmonious blend of progressive R&B with electronic elements, captivates with its thought-provoking lyrics, infectious melodies, captivating hooks, and powerfully soulful vocals, resonating with audiences worldwide. The legendary super music producer Timberland was notably impressed with Nia’s voice and music production, stating, “Her background vocals give me that feel of like that old nostalgia 2000s that’s missing in the world right now.”

Nia has carved a niche, symbolizing a brand essence of fearless, flawed, and freedom. Her music resonates deeply with this ethos. Her recent club anthem, Say Yes, has received great reviews and was praised for being unique. This identity is further accentuated through her performances and visual narratives. Her groundbreaking first-ever R&B/Hip-Hop AI Lyric Music Video has garnered significant traction across Instagram and TikTok, amassing over 100,000 views within the first few weeks on each platform.

Nia’s dedication to the arts and her undeniable appeal to fans worldwide prove she is not just another rising star but uniquely and unmistakably Nia.